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Slow Pitch Jigging was created by the renowned Japanese jigging expert, Norihiro Sato. As a fishing style, Slow Pitch Jigging is so new as a concept, so complete as a theory, so controversial from the conventional jigging style, so difficult to explain the whole mechanism, yet so effective and productive, Totos, with his years of amatuer experience, took the challenge to make this website to help anglers around the world to understand this art of fishing.


Learn about Slow Pitch Jigging from the concept, techniques, and setups.

What is “Slow-Pitch” Jigging?

What is different from hi-speed jigging?

How to make actions in Slow Pitch Jigging


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Video Turorials for Preparing Different Fish

Soup with Red Cornetfish

如何准备fish for aging


Fishing reports by Totos and Readers

A Huge Trophy on PE2.0

Slow Pitch Jigging in USA

Okinawa Fishing Charter Mar 25 26 27

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